Roads, Bridges and Highways

The topography of Bangladesh is characterised by various complex features, especially its unstable and meandering river systems, and low lying flood plains always complicate the regional and national planning and design approach to construct of roads & highways and bridges. Thus road and bridge engineers always need to study carefully the river morphology, surface hydrology, topography, soil characteristics, etc. in fixing alignment and crest level, and locating the bridges at stable banks with required confinement of the river so that it can provide the clear passage for flood flow and serve the long term purpose with a minimum cost involvement. Besides, as the assessment of potential positive and negative impacts of the project on socio-economy and environment are the vital issues, alternative studies are always carried out to select the most technically feasible, economically viable and environment friendly project.

EPC offers the comprehensive professional services for improvement of roads & highways and bridges by applying the most diverse innovative technique in survey, data management, geotechnical investigation, planning and structural design, etc. The professionals are always supported by CAD, GIS and computerised modelling and design facilities to handle the tasks with high degree of precision.

Areas of Professional Activities :


    • Road transport planning
    • Roads and Highways
    • Feeder Roads
    • Bridges and culverts

Areas of Professional Activities


  • Topographic survey and mapping
  • Agro-socio-economic and traffic surveys
  • Surface hydrological investigation and analysis
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed engineering and construction supervision
  • Development of O&M management
Notable Achievements
List of Representative Projects:
Third Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (RRMP), RHD.
Third Flood Rehabilitation Project, LGED
Sheikh Mujib Road and Culvert, CCC
Second Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project, LGED
Rural Road Project in Bogra District, LGED.
Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project, Phase-I&II, RHD
Rehabilitation / Reconstruction of Bridges and Culverts in 7 Districts, IRWP/LGED
Project Management Consultancy of Bangabandhu (Jamuna Multipurpose) Bridge Project, JMBA
Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project, Phase-I, LGED
Construction of Bridges and Culverts, DRR/USAID